Why I Helped Burning Man Purchase Fly Ranch

"Serendipity has always had her way with me at Burning Man. In 2009, I was invited to a dinner for cultural collaborators at Fly Ranch during the Burning Man festivities. Upon arriving along with a few dozen others, I ventured on my own to the left while the others marveled straight ahead at the vision of an iconic geyser spewing primordial agua. Within a few minutes, I discovered a serene, natural hot springs pool with wild horses feeding from it. It was just me and the horses. Serendipity’s sister, Immediacy, took hold of me in that sunset moment as I lowered myself into the water and caked nutrient-rich mud all over my chest and wind- and sun-parched face.  I never made it to the dinner that night."  - Chip Connely > Read More